27 Mar

book review: the jeweler’s studio handbook

author: brandon holschuh
title: the jeweler’s studio handbook: traditional and contemporary techniques for working with metal and mixed-media materials.
copyright: 2009
publisher: quarry books9781592534852

a great book for the beginner, student, or experienced metalsmith. it includes tips for equipping the jewelry studio and choosing tools as well as an introduction to the properties of metal, basic techniques, advanced techniques, surface treatments and studio projects. what sets this book apart from many on the market are the detailed instructions and photos that accompany the beautifully designed projects. projects that you would actually want to make and wear. a number of tips and tricks can be culled from the detailed photos of each piece’s process. who knew that you could ball up the end of wire on a number of pieces all at once?

the projects i would like to riff off of: the cage pendant, glass pendant, no -solder bracelet, and the wisdom earrings (minus the teeth).